Difficult Workforce Issues

  • Specialist advice and manager support in addressing complex work unit dysfunction
  • Strategies, and manager support, for difficult individual and team behaviours
  • OD strategy for re-building organisations experiencing difficulty

OD Strategy

Specialising in OD strategy focussed on developing organisations that:

  • Attract and retain staff via positive work climates
  • Are resilient and able to manage change and pressure
  • Promote psychological well-being
  • Are emotionally intelligent
  • Are values-based.

Change Management

  • Frameworks and strategies for introducing change in complex environments
  • Coaching and training in change leadership
  • Addressing complex workforce issues during change
  • Workshops on all aspects of organisational change.

Performance Coaching

Coaching for:

  • Leadership
  • Managing difficult staffing and workplace issues
  • Self-management
  • Under-performance and difficult behaviours
  • High performance (public speaking).

…With use of a wide range of diagnostic tools to provide insight and focus, including 360-degree assessment.

Resilience Building

  • Strategies for building individual, team and organisational resilience
  • Customised workshops focused on resilience building.

Visit: for more information on the R@W models and scales underpinning Kathryn’s work in this area.

Leadership Development

  • Assessment of leadership effectiveness via diagnostic tools, including 360-degree
  • Leadership development workshops and programs
  • Development of specific leadership skill, such as emotional intelligence
  • Strategies for under-performing leaders.

Team Development

  • Development of high performing teams
  • Assessment of team effectiveness via diagnostic tools
  • Coaching for team leadership
  • Restoring function in teams in trouble
  • Team skills training
  • Team building activities and tools (Eg Myers Briggs Type Inventory and Belbins Team Styles).


Facilitation of teams, committees and working parties for:

  • Strategic and business planning
  • Addressing group dynamics
  • Resolution of complex or sensitive issues.

Conflict Mediation

  • Mediation services for individuals and groups
  • Expert diagnosis of the sources of workplace issues and conflict with strategies for resolution.

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